Our Story

Shop Soulful came together through the collaboration of the 3 of us, Lisa, Kim, and Dannielle bringing our talents, love and desire into the creation of the ceremonial kits that are at the forefront of what we offer here at Shop Soulful. Along with the 3 main kits, Despacho, Bath Ritual, and Space Clearing, we began to add in other soulful and ceremony items that we knew would support Dannielle’s Shamanic Energy Medicine Practice.  Dannielle wanted to have items on hand to offer her clients and students that would support their healing and personal soul’s journey.

The three of us have each been on our own spiritual journeys for decades and we know the importance of ceremony, and creating sacred spaces in one’s life.  We know that our personal practices can be very simple, and it can also be elaborate and involved.  Both offer their own unique experience; it is the ceremony that you DO rather than the one you might eventually get to, that brings shift, change, and the sacred into your life and your journey. 

Kim, Dannielle and Lisa are committed to bringing high quality ceremonial products to the world.  We love collaborating with other local artisans to create beautiful handcrafted products that will assist people in creating harmony, peace, and soulful connection in their own lives.  

Together we are helping to bring ceremony back into everyday life!